Curfew Pass in Delhi: How to avail it and who can get it?

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Curfew Pass in Delhi: How to avail it and who can get it?
Curfew Pass in Delhi: How to avail it and who can get it?

New Delhi : With the whole country being put under lockdown, anyone who steps out for work needs to have the curfew pass, which is an essential permission slips that authorise movements inside the city and to other NCR towns. This is mainly for the people associated with the essential services.

Who will get the curfew pass?

Those who are not linked with essential services will not be given the curfew pass under any circumstances, only people in the essential services will be allowed to avail them. The borders are sealed and only doctors, journalists and essential service executives are being allowed through. Those who come out to provide or avail essential services (like groceries and medicines) will be allowed on ‘self declaration’.

For most cases, your ID card would be enough to pass through, the pass is mainly for the grocery store keepers who were facing troubles to claim the reason of staying out.

How to get curfew pass?

One way of getting curfew passes is to go directly to the office of DCP in the area where the organisation you work for is located. You need to:

- Carry a valid ID like your driver’s license or your Aadhaar card.

- Papers from your organisation that shows that it is valid.

- And a letter from your organisation explaining why you need the pass.

For private organisations outside Delhi, here are a list of places where you can go for curfew passes:

Gurgaon, Manesar: Visit DCP office, southwest district Vasant Vihar

Faridabad: DCP office, southeast district, Sarita Vihar

Ghaziabad: DCP office Shahdara district, Shalimar Park

Noida: DCP office, east district, IP extension Mandawali

Sonipat: DCP office, outer-north district, Samaipur Badli

Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar: DCP office outer district, Pitampura

Another way to get passes is online via WhatsApp or email. The Delhi government has announced a helpline number (1031) to get e-passes on mobile phones via WhatsApp. You can also apply for an e-pass via mail.

How to get e-pass through WhatsApp

To apply via WhatsApp, you need to send a message with all your particulars and relevant documents for identity to authorised mobile numbers corresponding to your area, i.e., East, North East, Central, New Delhi, North, South East, West, South, South West, North West.

Here’s what you need to send on WhatsApp:

- Name

- Address/place of engagement

- Details of Essential service/purpose

- Period

- Time

- Copy of ID card like Aadhar, Voter Card etc.

- Vehicle number, only if required.

You need to send this to the authorised WhatsApp numbers that have been provided by this state government.

These numbers where shared by the Aam Aadmi Party on their official Facebook account:

- District: 8447200084 / 8375878007

- North East District: 9540895489 / 8860425666

- Central District: 7428336279 /7428210711

- New Delhi District: 9540675392 / 9873743727

- North District: 8595298706 / 8595354861

- South East District: 8595246396 / 8595258871

- West District: 9414320064 / 8595252581

- South District: 9599649266 / 9643150027

- South West District: 9971518387 / 9971526953

- North West District: 8595559117 / 8595543375

To apply via email

To apply via email, you need to send an email to with the same list of particulars that’s listed for WhatsApp applications above.

Once the request has been accepted by authorities, these passes will be issued. And these passes are valid for all days through the lockdown.

It is advised that people must not apply for it unless or until it is needed. The lockdown has been put in place to save the people and extra movement could fail the idea.