Dr Pravin to present paintings inspired from his own research at IHC

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Dr Pravin to present paintings inspired from his own research at IHC
Dr Pravin to present paintings inspired from his own research at IHC

New Delhi : When you choose your passion as your hobby, the world tends to fall in love with whatever you do. Same stands true for Dr Pravin, who has a passion in painting and cartooning; he is pursuing it as a hobby and will be presenting his masterpieces at a painting exhibition in Delhi. His artworks are largely influenced by his research work in the field of fisheries and aquaculture. 

In 2013, he held a solo watercolour painting exhibition at Durbar Hall, Kochi, Kerala. A second series of artwork was painted by father-daughter duo and exhibited at Prasad Art Gallery, Mangalore in 2021.

His talent is not just limited to exhibitions and art galleries; instead his work can be seen in the 'Fishing Chimes', a popular fisheries magazine of the country. The cartoons that appear in the journal were also published as a book titled 'Fishtoons'. He also published COVID-19 Fishtoons in digital mode in 2020.

The present collection of watercolour paintings is being displayed at Convention Foyer, India Habitat Centre, new Delhi from July 8th to July 12, 2022. This series of paintings is inspired by the day-to-day lives of the fishers, their culture, and traditions, capturing glimpses of the essence and beauty of their lives and livelihood, contrasting the traditional and modern practices seen in different regions of India.

Mr Manoj Sharma, who visited his exhibition, praised the way he puts his mind and research to the paintings with the help of just a brush and water colours. "Every painting looked better than the other and I was hoping if I could take all of them with me to my home," said Mr Manoj.

Meanwhile, Dr Pravin calls it a humble attempt to bring out the essence of the activities of the fishers in the country.

Dr. Pravin is also exhibiting his watercolour paintings at the All Indian Fine arts and Crafts Society, Rafi Marg, New Delhi from 15th to 21st July 2022, with the theme 'Warriors of the Blue’.

Dr. Pravin is the former Assistant Director General (Marine Fisheries), Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, New Delhi.