Five interview questions which give girls tension

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Five interview questions which give girls tension
Five interview questions which give girls tension

New Delhi : With the gender gap diminishing in the society, women are getting employed by the companies in abundance. One may claim equality, but when it comes to interviews, women do have to face discrimination in terms of questions.

According to a report by Huffington Post, during job interviews female candidates are asked question which are not asked to the male candidates. In a survey done with over 200 women employees of top companies, 75 per cent of the women confirmed that personal questions were asked to them during the interviews. Here are five questions which were asked only to female candidates.

1: Are you married?

An American website claims that with this question, interviewers try to find out if you have kids or not? 

2: Do you have kids?

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission spokesperson believes that this question is asked because employers believe that women with kids won’t be able to give her hundred per cent to the organisation, resulting in poor performance.

3: What is your family planning?

According to the survey, the employer tries to know how the female candidate will manage to create a balance between her job and the responsibilities with her kids.

4: What is your age?

As per this question is often asked to understand for how long the woman will work in the organisation. It is believed that women may leave her work place in case of marriage or family planning.

5: Are you single?

According to a survey done in Britain, over 27 per cent women were asked about their relationship status.