Google Android 13 TV: Everything you need to know

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  Google Android 13 TV: Everything you need to know (Image courtesy:
Google Android 13 TV: Everything you need to know (Image courtesy:

Delhi : Google's Android 13 for TV is now out, with greater control over HDMI devices and enhanced power management to use less energy while the smart TV is in standby mode.

Google has officially unveiled the Android 13 TV operating system. A few additional features, including more customizability choices, speed enhancements, and UI updates, are included in the most recent software update for Google-powered smart TVs. Your smart TV is probably going to get an Android 13 upgrade in the coming weeks if it is currently running Android 12 for tv.

The most recent software version allows programmes to detect the routed device and supported formats before generating an Audio Track on a TV running Android 13 OS. This makes sure that even when using external speakers and sound bars, the games and streaming applications can provide the highest-quality audio experience.

Using HDMI source devices, a user may adjust features like resolution and refresh rate based on the hardware capabilities. Additionally, Android 13 for TV has a better power management system that uses less energy while the device is in standby mode.

Google has also unveiled a new keyboard layout API that enables users to choose alternate language layouts for external keyboards, increased user control over microphone access, and hardware mute switch availability status on system privacy settings.

HDMI device language selection has been enhanced, and Android 13 for TV now handles HDMI state changes on the source devices better. As of right moment, only developers may use Android 13 for TV's final version. In the upcoming days, OEMs are anticipated to upgrade their smart TVs with the most recent version of Android, 13 for TV.