Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) returns: Download now on Google play

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) returns: Download now on Google play (Image:
Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) returns: Download now on Google play (Image:

Delhi : According to Krafton, BGMI is no longer accessible for download. The company's official comment is as follows:

"The BGMI closed test track is currently being upgraded. Before the game's official release, those who chose to participate in a public test should receive a notification directing them to the Play Store where they may download the game. The servers have been taken down, thus the link won't function and the game can't be downloaded. We also recognise that a few additional individuals who did not want to participate in the closed test are receiving this message. It's a technical issue, and we're trying to fix it."

The original story is below.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, often known as BGMI among players, is now downloadable for Android cellphones through the Google Play store. Users might not be able to access the listing directly through the app store, but if they go to the official website of BGMI and click on the Play button, they will be taken to the download page. The game is available for free download from there. BGMI isn't yet accessible on the iOS Apple App Store, although that might change in the near future.

However, it appears that gamers are still unable to play BGMI because of problems with the servers. This issue will probably be resolved quickly. Krafton has been contacted by India Today Tech for further information.

Days after the creator of BGMI praised the Indian authorities for removing the ban, BGMI has returned to Google Play India. Last year, for security reasons, BGMI was taken off both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Because of connections to China and similar security concerns, PUBG Mobile, the predecessor of BGMI, is still prohibited in India. The game's availability in India has also been criticised by several MPs because of the game's negative impact on youngsters.

Additionally, it was alleged that the Indian government has set restrictions on Krafton and that BGMI's present return is conditional. First off, in order to deescalate addiction, the government has requested the game's creator to include a time restriction. Second, according to reports, BGMI must modify its UI (user interface) to be suitable for Indian audiences. Fascinatingly, Krafton's BGMI was already designed with Indian users in mind before it was banned. In order to protect the data of Indian consumers, the business has also established a cooperation with Microsoft Azure.

These specifics have not been confirmed by Krafton, despite the fact that the business has expressed gratitude to the authorities for allowing BGMI to begin operations in India. In a statement issued last week, Krafton India CEO Sean Hyunil Sohn stated, "We are extremely grateful to the Indian authorities for enabling us to restart operations of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). We would like to express our appreciation for the support and endurance of our Indian gaming community over the past few months. Battlegrounds Mobile India will soon be available for download, and we are eager to welcome you back to our platform.

Additionally, the CEO of Krafton stated that the business was "deeply committed" to the Indian gaming industry. A great deal of professional mobile gamers are likewise relieved by BGMI's reappearance. Ashwin Suresh and Anirudh Pandita, the creators of Loco, commented on the reappearance by saying, "This revival holds tremendous potential for players and the gaming industry as a whole."

A year after its inception, BGMI registered 100 million users, according to Krafton. According to the firm, its battle royale-style game created history when it became the first esports event to be broadcast on traditional television, drawing in 24 million concurrent viewers and 200 million total viewers.