Bring home the top AC model from the best brands

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Bring home the top AC model from the best brands
Bring home the top AC model from the best brands

New Delhi : The air conditioner market is growing year-on-year in India. This growth is primarily due to the rising population among the salaried middle class segment of society, as well as correspondingly increasing numbers of families and homes. There is also a rise in building construction and many luxury and semi-luxury apartments that come fitted with amenities, such as split ACs. 

The demand for room ACs, both the window and split ACs that come in various sizes, is growing exponentially in India. Many people like to buy home-grown models like the Blue Star AC or the Voltas AC. These provide stiff competition to many international brands like Samsung, LG, Daikin, Hitachi and OGeneral, to name a few. 

The Demand for Top ACs

According to the India Brand Equity Foundation that traces the AC market trends in its report, it was revealed that room air conditioner sales (those that we bring home for use) are among the top sales segments in appliances. The report, researching consumer buying of ACs, states that in FY18, the AC market made up 20,000 crores in sales value, higher than the refrigerator market which stood at 7,000 crores. 

As of 2019, the makers of ACs expected double-digit increases in AC sales, with a rising demand for split ACs from reputed brands, with the Samsung AC, Daikin AC and Hitachi AC taking the lead. The availability of disposable income, along with easy payment options are making more and more Indians venture into the world of the best consumables money can buy. 

Top AC Models & Great Brands

New inverter technology in most advanced AC brands adjusts cooling according to the outside temperature, as well as the room size. This can save on energy bills by a substantial amount. If you are buying an air conditioner, Blue Star is an Indian brand that has been making cooling systems (water coolers, ACs and freezers) for seven decades in India. Here are some of the best ACs that you can buy from top brands today.

Blue Star AC BI-5CNHW18PAFU - At 1.5 tons, this split AC has silent cooling and the stand-out feature of an anti-bacterial filter. With an energy-efficiency rating of 4.75, it has adjustable cooling and saves on power, using the latest inverter technology. 

AC by Daikin  - This AC (in 1.5 and 2 ton sizes) has the feature of the Coanda air flow, which circulates air to reach every corner of the room. It is an energy-saving machine that works on inverter technology.

AC by Samsung - A split AC of 1.5 tons with inverter technology and a fast cooling system adjusts itself to create comfortable cooling the way you need it. With a five star rating, the Samsung AC will reduce your power bills too.

LG Window AC JWQ18WUXA AC - A window AC (sized at 1 and 1.5 tons) with unique inverter technology, this AC has power saving mechanisms and has a rating of 3 stars. 

Window AC by Hitachi (1.5 and 2 tons) RAW518KUDZ1 - This brand has the ability to draw in customers with its great reputation for hardy machines. This window AC cools just as well as the best split AC model of the same capacity, and is a silent worker. Energy-efficient with a five star rating, this is one of the best window ACs around. 

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