iOS 17 to introduce smart display feature for iPhones, according to report

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iOS 17 to introduce smart display feature for iPhones, according to report (Image:
iOS 17 to introduce smart display feature for iPhones, according to report (Image:

Delhi : Apple is reportedly developing a new iPhone interface that would display different information, including calendar appointments, weather updates, and alerts, in a way that resembles a smart-home display. These modifications are anticipated to be included in the impending iOS 17 software upgrade, which will update Apple devices with a number of new capabilities.

A new iPhone interface shows real-time data.

Apple is working on a new iPhone interface that, like the smart-home screens from Google and Amazon, will show real-time data when the device is secured and positioned horizontally. This function seeks to make iPhones more useful when they are set up on a desk or nightstand.

Constituting a Larger Software Approach

Apple's larger plan to incorporate real-time information into different elements of its software includes the new iPhone interface. The UI of the Apple Watch likewise demonstrates this strategy. The new user interface is anticipated to be a part of the iOS 17 Dawn software update, which is slated for release later in 2023.

Motivated by current features

The 2019 Android operating system's equivalent functionality and Amazon's Echo Show devices will be mirrored in the upcoming iPhone interface. For easier reading, it will have a dark backdrop and bright writing. This innovation expands on the iOS 16 lock screen widgets that let users display informational tidbits below the time vertically.

Additional Device Improvements

Although work has been slower for the iPad, Apple is also looking at introducing a new horizontal interface for that device. In addition, Apple is developing a low-cost tablet that can magnetically connect to stands and walls as part of its efforts to transform its products into smart-home displays. The Wallet app, location services, a new journaling app, and health-related features will all see significant improvements in iOS 17.

Collaborative feature upgrades

SharePlay, a function that lets users communicate while FaceTiming, and AirPlay, which enables content to be beamed to TVs and speakers, are two features that Apple plans to update. To enable smooth streaming to devices not owned by customers, the firm has had conversations with hotels and other businesses.

2023 WWDC Conference for Apple

According to Apple, the dates for the 2023 WWDC conference are June 5 to June 9. During the conference, further information on these advancements is anticipated to be disclosed.