New Apple Watch 3 e-SIM demands 'no extra cash': Enjoy unlimited

e-SIM technology in Apple Watch 3 LTE Version
e-SIM technology in Apple Watch 3 LTE Version

New Delhi : Apple’s new watch is in limelight these days. The recently launched cellular version operates on BhartiAirtel and Reliance Jio. The new LTE watch has come up with the new e-SIM technology. Take a look at this new concept which demands no extra cash and is free from any specific policy.

Apple watch has been introduced a few years back but it smart technology has made it out-of-box gadget. Once set up, the Apple Watch 3 LTE can connect directly to the cellular providers’ network as an extension of your mobile number.  It can make and receive calls, pull data for music streaming on Apple iTunes or even help you call an Uber or Ola without using the phone. In short, the new LTE variant of the Apple Watch is not dependent on the iPhone like before.

All the aforesaid is just because of an e-SIM, which works in combination with a built-in antenna and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) radio. The e-SIM is a fraction of the size of a normal SIM and not something you can take out or swap. It works with the UMTS radio to connect to the network and stores the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) and the associated authentication key of your mobile number. If the phone is unreachable, the call is then diverted to this device, which also has the same IMSI number.

Interestingly, in India, users need not have to pay extra charges to the service providers for the technology, which is otherwise payable in other countries extra charges. 

The new technology is not limited to any specific policy as such on e-SIMs. With new e-SIM, the device and the e-SIM is tied to the international mobile subscriber identity of the user’s phone and therefore, the owner is easily identifiable.

In case of the Apple Watch 3 LTE, both Airtel and Reliance Jio took all the required permissions before launching the service. According to a statement issued by Bharti Airtel, “DoT was duly notified prior to the launch of Apple watch including product features, network architecture and lawful interception and we have also requested them to carry out a demonstration of the same.”