Apple Maps is now live in India: Enjoy turn-by-turn navigation

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Apple has confirmed that its new turn-by-turn navigation is coming to Apple Maps in India. Good news is that this feature is now active in Maps in India. It comes with time of arrival and distance of the destination.

It is known to all that Google Maps is the market leader in India and no other companies could beat the competition, not even Apple. The Google Maps navigation is used highly by individuals and companies to access roads, places and also for listing businesses. But now, Apple Maps with new features might spark the competition. 

Apple Maps have never been popular in the country, not even with iOS or Android users. The roll of turn-by turn navigation feature might get Apple users to start depending more on the native app, which is integrated with Siri and other native features. The app also comes with local transit and walking routes to the destination with time of arrival.

With turn-by-turn navigation, you also get cab service integration. If you enter the location you want to head to, the app will show you ride from popular cab services such as Uber and Ola, with the different fare prices. If you click on the app icon, it will open that app with the destination entered and ready to go. I couldn't get Uber to show its rides within Apple Maps but Ola seemed to work fine.

Meanwhile, the 3D maps feature is yet to be availed in the country. As a result, the transport information is still missing. Meaning, users can't find out how to reach a place using the bus or the train. There's also no ‘Flyover support’ yet. It is expected that this attractive feature will also come soon in the market.