Twitter again shows distorted map of India on its website

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Twitter (Image: Pexels)
Twitter (Image: Pexels)

New Delhi : Nothing is going right for the social media giant Twitter these days. Amid standoff with the Indian government, the company stoked a new controversy as it represented distorted map of the nation.

The distorted map appears on the ‘Tweep Life’ section depicted the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as separate countries, detached from India.

The Centre is likely to issue a strict notice to Twitter, asking it to remove the map on urgent basis. According to a media report, the action will be initiated if the micro-blogging website fails to remove the map.

This is the second time Twitter has misrepresented India”s map. Earlier it had shown Leh as part of China.

Meanwhile, there are reports which claim that Twitter India appointed grievance officer has resigned from his post.

According to a news report by, Dharmendra Chatur, who was recently appointed as interim resident grievance officer for India by Twitter, has quit. His name is no longer displayed on the company’s website, as required under Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021.

Twitter has not released an official comment on the matter yet.