YouTube create: Future of video editing is here, thanks to AI technology

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YouTube create: Future of video editing is here, thanks to AI technology (Image:
YouTube create: Future of video editing is here, thanks to AI technology (Image:

Delhi : To "enable anyone to create or share videos," online video provider YouTube has unveiled YouTube Create, a new video editing software. The app, which was unveiled on Thursday at the Made on YouTube event, is now available in beta on Android in a few countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Germany, the US, and India. Support for iOS is anticipated in 2024.

We recognize that making videos may be challenging and that it frequently discourages beginning creators from submitting their first film, the firm said during the Made on YouTube event. We're introducing YouTube Create, a new mobile tool, to simplify this procedure and enable anyone to make and share films directly to YouTube.

According to the company, as YouTube Create is a free tool made to simplify and streamline video production for both shorter and larger videos, allowing creators to concentrate their efforts on activities they find "creatively rewarding."

Precision editing cutting, automatic captioning, narration, and transitions are just a few of the features offered by the new generative AI-powered program. Additionally, users of the app will be able to select from a variety of royalty-free songs using TikTok-like beat-matching technology.

According to YouTube, the new app was created using feedback from almost 3,000 producers. Additionally, the business pledges to gradually add new features and functionalities.

Users will be able to build AI-generated backgrounds on YouTube: 

A new experimental feature called Dream Screen, which will let creators add an AI-generated video or image background to their Shorts by merely putting a concept into a prompt, was also introduced by YouTube.

Before launching more extensively the next year, Dream Screen will first be introduced to a small group of creators. stated YouTube in a blog post. A post on X by Google CEO Sundar Pichai announcing the new Dream Screen feature read, "Just unveiled at today's #MadeOnYouTube event: YouTube Create makes it more simpler to build videos, while Dream Screen allows creators to write in a concept to produce an AI-generated video or image background.