Mehul Choksi has to be deported to India: Dominica tells high court

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Image tweeted by @airnewsalerts
Image tweeted by @airnewsalerts

New Delhi : Fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi has to be deported to India, Dominica government said in its documents submitted to the high court. The Dominican Public Prosecution Service has submitted before the Dominican High Court that the petition filed by Mehul Choksi is not maintainable and that the petition should not be heard, the report further adds.

Mehul Choksi was recently arrested in Dominica after he allegedly tried to flee from the nation Antigua and Barbuda. He is wanted in India for his involvement in Rs 13,000-crore scam case with Punjab National Bank.

Earlier in the day, Antigua PM told news agency ANI that his administration is making arrangements to deport Mehul Choksi back to India "where he is still a citizen." "Instead of subjecting himself to an inquiry as required by law, he (Mehul Choksi) used the courts to stay the revocation of his citizenship," Antigua PM told ANI.

"My administration stands by its request to Dominica to extradite Mehul Choksi directly back to India where he is still a citizen," he added. The Antigua Prime Minister told ANI that Mehul Choksi "changed his lawyer to a well-known member of the UPP who had promised him protection, for campaign funding."

"That’s why they want that he shouldn’t be deported to India, but back to Antigua where he could continue to hide behind constitutional protections," Browne said.

India has also sent its top officials to ensure that Mehul Choksi is sent back to India where he faces a trial in PNB scam case.