Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit: How are women mastering the art of retail investing?

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Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit: How are women mastering the art of retail investing?
Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit: How are women mastering the art of retail investing?

Mumbai : Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit: Retail investing involves purchasing and trading securities, and making investments for personal growth. The wave of digital disruption and several technological advancements have accelerated this growth. Women have now started making headway in India’s fast-growing retail investment sector, by investing in fixed deposits, mutual funds,  

Adapting your portfolios as per the changing investment landscape is hence, more important than ever. Before planning your investment portfolio, it is important to understand the market conditions, which may affect your investment decisions. 

Percentage of Indians investing in stock markets

The scope of retail investing stretches from securities and bonds to pensions and deposits. At present, the total number of investor accounts for demat service providers NSDL and CDSL have been pegged at 1,82,77,974 and 1,71,67,419 respectively. When compared to the total population of India (which is 1,35,04,38,098), the percentage of investors turns out to be 1.35% and 1.27% respectively. 

An average percentage of 1.3% indicates that the number of stock investors is astonishingly low. Amid swinging stock indices, and changing economic conditions, investing through this channel comes with its own set of risks. A clear majority of retail investors are hence, missing out on growing their finances through this channel. 

Why are FDs the most preferred investment options?

Despite the availability of several eclectic investment options, fixed deposits have continued to thrive as one of the most preferred options. As per research, fixed deposits generated returns at around 6.25%, but equity disappointed with just 2.7% and debt-based funds gave ROI at 5.5% to 5.9%.

With such rewarding returns, it comes as no surprise that nearly 95% of households opt to park their funds in fixed deposits, as per the SEBI survey. Women are hence, investing a significant portion of their savings towards fixed deposits. For women looking to safeguard their investments and grow their savings without risk, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is one of the most preferred investment options. You can look for flexible tenors, easy investment process along with high returns and safety, when you invest in this fixed deposit. 

How are women investing?

While data from 2016 showed that women contributed to less than 25% of the investments in India’s securities market, more recent statistics, conducted on 1,765 working professionals, show that the percentage of women making investments is nearing that of men. 

While 50% of men invest in mutual funds and equities, the percentage of women who invest in the same stands at 40%. Similarly, if you consider safer options like PPF and fixed deposits, the percentages for both genders are almost equal. In terms of portfolios, women tend to allocate more finances to FDs, PPF and RDs than equities and mutual funds. Women can also consider investing in a Bajaj Finance FD to reap the benefits of attractive interest rates of up to 8.95%. Not only does it work as a great alternative for risk-averse investors, but also women who are looking to diversify their portfolios. 

Why are women investors so successful?

The key to healthy investing is not having just one asset class, but possessing a diversity that breeds stability. After seeing the general trends pertaining to stocks and deposits, here’s what has helped women stay ahead of the curve, in terms of retail investments:

• Discipline, awareness, and ability to tie-up the investment made to a practical financial goal

• Budget-oriented nature and patience

• Willingness to learn and do ample research

Women have disrupted the retail investment space, with patience, consistency and willingness-to-learn. In the coming years, this sector would flourish as women continue to take steady strides in making investments, and both men and women could learn the art of investing from each other.