Radhika Madan and Pulkrit Samrat take first shot of coronavirus vaccine

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Images Instagrammed by Pulkit Samrat(L) and Radhika Madan (R)
Images Instagrammed by Pulkit Samrat(L) and Radhika Madan (R)

Mumbai : India is under immense pressure to stop spread of coronavirus during the second wave and government believes that quick vaccination is the only way forward. The authorities have allowed all people above 18 years of age to take the vaccine. The same idea has been promoted by many Bollywood celebrities as well. Young celebs like Radhika Madan and Pulkit Samrat have come forward to become an example as they received their first shot of vaccines on Thursday.

Radhika Madan shared her picture of taking the coronavirus vaccine and urged people to go for it in her Instagram post. "One step at a time #vaccinated... I urge everyone to get themselves registered and get their shot and please take full precautions at the vaccination centres. Wear a double mask, sanitize your hands, maintain distance and don't panic. Don't forget to get a good night's sleep the day before and stay well hydrated."

Another actor Pulkit Samrat also shared his picture from the vaccination center. He captioned the image, "#Jab We Met. This is our best form of defence. Be safe."

According to official data released by the government, India has registered 4.12 lakh new coronavirus cases on Thursday, taking the caseload to 2.06 crore in the last 24 hours. Within the same timeframe, 3,980 people died of Covid in India, taking the total fatalities to 2,30,168.

Have you registered for the vaccine yet? If not, go for it.