Are you buying the right mattress? Let's find out

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Are you buying the right mattress? Let's find out (Image: Pixabay)
Are you buying the right mattress? Let's find out (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : A good night’s sleep goes a long way in helping you maintain good health. In turn, the right mattress goes a long way in ensuring that you have a good night’s sleep. If you are unhappy with the mattress, you are currently using, you should consider buying a new mattress online. This article explains how you can.

How to buy the best mattress online

The number of options available in different types of mattresses can confuse you. We break down the process to simplify it for you, based on make and internal construction:

* Know the different types available. First off, do note that there are different types of mattresses, classified into different categories as per material, make, purpose and mattress size. The price of the product depends on the brand, make and size. The most popular ones are categorised by feel, material, purpose (orthopedic, motion transfer), whether simple or high-density foam, what backing/supporting material is used inside it, etc. Your research should start by knowing what kinds are available and what the benefits of each are.

* The firmness factor. How firm or pliable a mattress should be is a subjective choice. What feels firm to one person might feel hard to another. When you shop for an online mattress, check how the manufacturer describes it – do they use words like ‘Soft’, ‘Extra soft’, ‘Firm’, ‘Medium firm’? Some brands also provide a firmness meter/scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest. The firmness factor rises for those who are heavy built, side or back sleepers. It is medium to higher for orthopedic mattresses and most memory foam mattresses. Those with back or hip pain should necessarily buy an orthopedic mattress after consulting their doctor. But whichever mattress you choose, it should not be overtly soft because it may not provide adequate support. 

* Consider your sleeping position. Did you know that the way you sleep affects your choice of mattress? Some parts of the body require greater support during sleep based on your position. Usually, back sleepers need the most spinal and hip support, and require a medium firm mattress to keep their spinal alignment intact. Meanwhile, belly sleepers (those who sleep on their tummies) put more pressure on their lumbar and the mattress must be extra firm with a soft top to prevent their spine from ‘sinking’ in an unnatural U-shape while asleep. Side sleepers require support on the pressure points, viz. the shoulders and hips. A too-soft mattress cannot support these points, and a medium firm mattress is best. There are combination sleepers, too.

* Consider your body weight. Those with heavier frames will simply sink into a thin, soft mattress and wake up with back or hip pain. Meanwhile, those who weigh less will hardly sink into the mattress. The former category of users requires a ‘responsive’ mattress that responds to their weight, such as a memory foam mattress. You can eliminate motion transfer by buying a ‘Yours N Mine’ mattress from Spaces designed for couples, and which accounts for two different user profiles. 

* What’s inside it? The best mattresses today feature internal structures that provide adequate support and form retention despite years of use. It can feature pocketed spring units, memory foam, high density PU foam, etc. Ask the brand what these terms mean, and which kind will suit your needs the best.

* Pick the right size. Now that you are aware of which kind of mattress is best suited for your needs, you can select the perfect mattress size. If you browse the Spaces mattress collection, you can choose a King size (for couples who need extra space and whose children/pets sleep in their beds), queen size mattress or double bed mattress (a spacious mattress for a compact bed), single size mattress for single sleepers, and diwan mattress for young children and teenagers. Do measure the bed frame (from the internal sides and not from the outer edges) before making your selection. You can also opt for a luxury mattress within the size you choose.

* Choose a leading brand. Always go with a leading brand while buying a mattress online. Not only do leading brands have a wide range of products to choose from, but their offerings are the result of years of R&D. Thus, you are sure to find a mattress that ticks all the boxes: softness, desired firmness, desirable construction, long warranty period, free trial nights before you exchange or return the mattress, and suitable price. 

That’s it – our guide to buying the best sleep mattress in India. We hope this information was useful to you. You can also take the Spaces Matchress quiz to find the perfect mattress that suits your needs.

Did you recently buy a new mattress online? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.