COVID-19: Children under 10 are unlikely to cause coronavirus outbreak

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COVID-19: Children under 10 are unlikely to cause coronavirus outbreak
COVID-19: Children under 10 are unlikely to cause coronavirus outbreak
The world is still reeling with a global coronavirus pandemic. Currently, there is no chance of getting this deadly virus under control due to the lack of vaccine or cure for this contagious virus. Coronavirus continues to infect people and spread amongst the community. The end of coronavirus is nowhere near, not as long as we don't develop herd immunity or a vaccine to battle COVID-19.

While the researchers rush to find a vaccine, the governments of all countries are trying their best to slow down the spread rate and keep things under control while we find a way out. But this isn't an easy task. Implementing a lockdown is the only way to reduce the spread but this has been taking a toll on the economy of nearly all countries. Moreover, we cannot afford to lock ourselves inside our homes for forever. Now we know that adults are likely to cause transmission of this virus but a recent study confirms that children, especially those under the age of 10 years are less likely to cause transmission of coronavirus.

A group of researchers from McMaster University, Canada have been working hard to conduct studies and provide data which can aid the health workers, scientists as well as the government officials in keeping this virus under control. As per a report published in IANS a researcher of the study, Sarah Neil-Sztramko said, "The bottom line thus far is that children under 10 years of age are unlikely to drive outbreaks of Covid-19 in daycares and schools and that, to date, adults were much more likely to be the transmitter of infection than children." The authors of the study also said, "Within household clusters, adults were much more likely to be the index case than children. The quality of evidence is moderate, and the findings are consistent."
"We found that families are under strain, especially female caregivers and children, with increasing gender gaps in employment and household labour and poor mental health outcomes in children," added research, Sarah Neil-Sztramko.

This research found that in the children who were COVID-19 positive, the infection could be traced back to an adult more than to another child. Most children were infected due to community transmission or from the home setting instead of a daycare or any school or any such setting. This isn't the only study that left people surprised. A study which was recently published in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health journal concluded that COVID-19 positive mothers who follow hygiene protocols and take precautions are less likely to infect their newborn baby.