Diet Guide: Side effects of shifting to low carbs food

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Diet Guide: Side effects of shifting to low carbs food
Diet Guide: Side effects of shifting to low carbs food

New Delhi : The first thing people do when it comes to become fit these days is start having low carb diets, agree that it helps in providing quick results but then everything comes with its own set of side effects. It is well known that body burns fat to generate energy and for the same good fat is mandatory but people forget that while their only aim is to have a good looking slim body.

It is never a good idea to completely cut out carbs from your diet or keep carbs consumption very low as it is more likely to leave a negative impact on your body. The increasingly popular low-carb diet has it's side effects because our body needs some healthy carbs to keep going and when we cut those out from our diet, it can impact our health and our body.

While, we get flattered with the diet trends emerging these days it is essential to learn what kind of diet is best suited for your body while it does not harm your system.

Here are some side-effects of the low carb diets:

1: Healthy carbs is must need of a human body and if you are cutting them via your diet trend then the body will have nothing or very less fat to burn, resulting in low energy making you feel tired and less energetic.

2: Healthy fiber-filled carbs are another most important need of a human body as it aids our digestive system but with the low-carb diet we tend to cut these fiber-filled carbs from our diet, disturbing our digestive system and then causing constipation and other stomach issues.

3: They say eat less sugar and sweet products; well, it must be noted that carbohydrates are an essential nutrients for our body because they are filling and help keep your energy levels up and make us feel full but putting a stop on its consumption will make you feel constantly hungry and with that people tend to binge eat and sometimes over eat.

4: Low carb diets make you feel hungry, and many studies have proved that a hungry man is irritating and more prone to mood swings.

5. Insulin helps regulate our blood sugar levels but having a low carbohydrate intake and a high fat intake can mess up the way your body responds to insulin and that can impact our body and health and lead to a chronic health condition like diabetes which is often followed by the health risk of developing numerous other chronic health conditions.