Here's how exercising daily can help in boosting your immune system during the coronavirus pandemic

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New Delhi : Many of us are simply blessed with a great metabolism and this is probably why we refuse to include any kind of physical activity in our daily routine. A good metabolism allows us to eat whatever we want without worrying about putting on weight or gaining fat. While there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of your metabolism but it's never a good thing if it is accompanied by inactivity or rather a sedentary lifestyle. People simply assume that they just don't need any form of exercise or workout because they're lucky or just lazy in general and this can take a toll on your health. Your lifestyle plays an important role when it comes to your health and being inactive is a major cause of health problems. 

In today's time when the world is struggling to handle a global coronavirus pandemic, it is essential that we focus on our health and maintain our immunity. Be it coronavirus or any other disease, our immune system plays an essential role in keeping our body healthy and fit. But did you know that not being active and living a sedentary life can take a toll on your immune system as well? 

Our body requires 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily. It could be in the form of a run, a walk, a swim or even some yoga. Being inactive can weaken your immune system. Working out daily can improve your body's defence system and help you fight off diseases. It can also reduce the chances of any respiratory problems. Working out can help accelerate the exchange of white blood cells and the peripheral tissues and the blood vessels as well as the lymph vessels which can improve the activity of the immune cells. It also helps us recover quickly from viruses and infections, especially respiratory infections.

While there is no proof that exercising can help in building immunity against coronavirus but it does improve our immune response which is essential for optimum health during this health crisis, especially since it is very risky to see a doctor or visit a hospital for minor health problems and infections like cold, flu, stomach bug and such during this pandemic situation. This is why we all need to get active and include a little bit of exercise in our routine and change our lifestyle for the sake of our health.