Milind Soman's fitness secret revealed: Here's how he manages to look fab!

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Milind Soman
Milind Soman

New Delhi : Being fit is like a dream come true and we all aim to be fit and healthy for the rest of our lives. But then there are those people who want the perfect physique which is to die for. Some of us dream to achieve a body like those of the supermodels and that is one goal that is not easy to achieve. The road to the perfect body requires a lot of dedication, hard work and motivation. Even at the age of 54, Milind Soman seems to have managed to maintain his jaw-dropping killer physique. He is one of the most desirable men across the country and to say that he has aged gracefully would be a gross understatement. While most people would assume that he managed to maintain himself with all the protein shakes and supplements but the fact is that Milind Soman is not just a buffed up guy, he happens to be extremely fit and has a large fan following especially because he happens to be a major fitness inspiration. We finally found out his fitness secret and are about to reveal it for all his fans. 


Milind Soman watches his diet carefully and tries to stay away from refined white sugar because it happens to be harmful to health. He believes in using natural sweeteners like dates, jaggery and honey. He avoids consuming any processed or packaged food items like biscuits. He used to love chocolates and was a smoker but for the sake of his health, he quit both his habits with sheer determination. He believes in portion control and eats frequent small meals throughout his day instead of 3 large meals. He says that one should always eat fruits before sunset and along with their skin because it can nourish the body and provide more nutrients. 


Milind Soman believes in staying active and building his stamina. After all, he didn't just run all those marathons just like that! He doesn't believe that one can get fit by working out in the gym. He tries to take the stairs and walks as much as possible. He goes for a good long run 3 to 4 times a week and tries to stay active rather than hitting the gym or following a fitness regime. He also does cycling and yoga every now and then as well as some light workout.