Soap or Sanitizer: What is better for coronavirus prevention?

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Soap or Sanitizer: What is better for coronavirus prevention?
Soap or Sanitizer: What is better for coronavirus prevention?

New Delhi : Ever since it has come to the news that coronavirus is spreading fast and people must keep them sanitized and clean as a preventive measure, the sanitizers have gone out of stock and are being excessively used.

With the presence of alcohol in sanitizer, it is believed that it can kill harmful germs and bacteria present on the hands. While most focused on just the good side, there are its harmful effects too if one overuses it.

Like we mentioned earlier, sanitizers contain alcohol and this may turn it fatal in case of fire. A case around the fact was reported in Rewari where a 44-year-old man sustained 35% burns after he spilt sanitizer bottle on his clothes which were in close proximity to the gas stove.

Post this, doctors and experts advised people not to use the hand sanitizers if they are the ones working in a kitchen or a place that has fire in it. Instead, people are advised to wash off their hands with the water and soap.

With a presence of 62% ethyl alcohol, sanitizers have their own health hazards. Thus, storing them properly and keeping them away from fireplaces is an important thing to keep in mind.

Meanwhile, there are reports where people have reported itchiness and skin infection because they overused sanitizers. It is advised that washing hands with soaps is the best option whenever it is feasible and possible. Sanitizers must be used only when you cannot wash your hands with soap.

Precautions which must be taken while using sanitizers:

  • Keep sanitizers away from the reach of small children
  • Keep sanitizers stored in a proper bottle
  • Keep sanitizer bottles away from the kitchen and never apply it while standing in the kitchen
  • Avoid using sanitizers while at home and always wash your hands with soap and water
  • Apply sanitizer only in a case of emergency or while you are out and have no access to soap and water
  • Apply sanitizer properly on your hands and make sure it dries completely
  • Wash your hands with soap before entering your kitchen or where fire is being lit
  • People who cook are recommended to wash their hands before cooking or being near the stove