How to Apply For Aadhaar Card In Post Office?

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How to Apply For Aadhaar Card In Post Office?
How to Apply For Aadhaar Card In Post Office?

New Delhi : Aadhar card has become compulsory document to carry for every citizen of India. Those who have not yet made their Aadhar card, now you can make the card from your nearest post office.

The Central Government of the country has ordered all post offices to set up centers for making Aadhaar card as per the convenience of the common citizens. The facility is for everyone from 5 years of age to the elderly.

Aadhar Card making center in the post office 

Till now the government had opened Aadhar making centers in almost all the areas of the country, along with some private companies for the base card. But overcrowd of public for Aadhaar card at these centers has led the government to open many more base centers across the nation. To recall, before opening the Aadhaar Stations in the post office, the Central Government has already ordered to open a base center in banks.

People can now apply for Aadhaar card at their nearest post offices, all of which will be equipped with Aadhaar card making machines. With the help of the technology, common citizens will now be able to go to the post office and register for the Aadhaar card.

Along with this, if there is any mistake in your Aadhaar card, one can visit the post office to make correction, but have to pay penalty ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 25.

For now, the Supreme Court of India has ordered to link Aadhaar with the necessary services like mobile number, PAN number and bank account. The Supreme Court has given many deadlines to link Aadhaar card with services meant for public benefit.

If you don’t link Aadhaar to your bank account by the relevant deadline, your account shall “cease to be operational”. Your account may freeze, meaning you cannot withdraw funds, perform any transactions or even close down the account.